2019 OIPOA Board of Directors

Mark Robertson: President, Trash Bash, Super Saturday, Concert Parking

Jerry Rothenberg: Vice President, Trash Bash, Kite Day

Lisa Ledford-Crissey: Treasurer

Allison Smith: Secretary, Facebook, Website, Kite Day

Wendy Hughes: Concerts on the Coast

Glen Withers: Parking

Mark Crissey: Parking, Parades

Sharon Davis: Concert Sponsorships

John Shadid: Concert Parking, Trash Bash8

Debbie Eckert:  Town Luncheon,  Kite Day

Lisa Crissey:  Parades, Membership

Kevin Dempsey:  Trash Bash, Parking

Jean Cruz:  Town Luncheon, Kite Day, Membership

Wil Smith:  Concert Parking, Band Set-Up

Debbie Smith: Mayor of Ocean Isle Beach

Emeritus:  Hayden O’Neil, Peggy Hughes, Ida Moon



2019 OIPOA Board of Directors Meetings

January 22 3:00 OIB Town Hall

April 9 1:30 Location TBA

June 11 1:00 Location TBA

September 10 1:30 Location TBA

November 12 1:30 Location TBA

November 30 9:30 Super Saturday Annual Property Owners Meeting 9:00 meet and greet, 9:30 meeting begins at The Isles Restaurant and Tiki Bar

December 10 Location TBA