Summer Concert Series

The OIPOA Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2021 Summer Concert Series that was to be held at OIB park on Old Georgetown Road. The OIPOA always desired to continue our traditional Summer Concert Series in 2021 on the island in the new Ocean Isle Beach Town Center Park. We looked forward to utilizing the new amphitheater and dance floor which the OIPOA donated $70,000 of property Owners’ moneys toward. Peggy Hughes envisioned and began these concerts 20 years ago along with the OIPOA.  The 2020 Summer Concert Series would have been our 20th anniversary if it had not been for the Covid-19 pandemic causing its cancellation.  The OIPOA concert series started with one concert and grew to 17 fantastic concerts for the summer of 2020. This has always been a labor of love by the OIPOA for our community.  Our concerts have been admired by members of surrounding communities and many considered them to be the Gold Standard by which they measured their own.

The OIPOA Board began working on 2021 concerts in August and had agreements with 17 fantastic bands and published a schedule by September, 2020.  The Town commissioners met on October 13, 2020, and voted to ‘take over responsibility’ for the concerts with no input from the OIPOA Board of Directors.  The OIPOA applied for a permit to use the new Town Park for our 2021 Summer Concert Series, but had secured a backup venue for the Georgetown Road County Park. The Commissioners denied the permit application of the OIPOA to use the new Town Park as they had planned a separate new concert series not associated with the OIPOA. Many of the members of our Association have expressed concerns about moving the OIPOA sponsored Concerts off the island. It is with very saddened hearts, the OIPOA Board of Directors have decided it is in the best interests of our members and property owners, whom we serve, not to move the OIPOA 2021 Summer Concerts off the island and to cancel our Summer Concerts.

The OIPOA Board of Directors wants to thank all our members, sponsors, volunteers, the fantastic bands, and island guests that have helped over the years to provide these wonderful concerts.  We want to especially thank Peggy Hughes for presenting her vision of outdoor concerts to the OIPOA 20 years ago. Through Peggy’s dedication and hard work, the OIPOA Summer Concerts became the Gold Standard of Concert series admired by many of our local communities. Thanks again, to all that have made the OIPOA Summer Concert Series the best ‘beach party’ around on Friday nights for the past 20 years.

Although the 2021 OIPOA Summer Concert series is cancelled, the Town of OIB Recreation Department is presenting a new concert series in 2021 in the new Town Center Park on the island every Friday during the season from 6:30-8:00 pm.  They have also decided to title this series the “Peggy Hughes Summer Concert Series”.